Over six years of development, Tangshan Dingre Solar Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. has created the golden quality and services of “Dingre” solar energy heaters...
        Enterprise Mission: Benefit Humans with Green and Renewable Energy
        Enterprise Vision: Create World Famous Brand and Time-honored Enterprise
        In March 2009, Industrial Park with an Area of 100mu invested by Tangshan Dingre Solar Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. with RMB 120 million Started to Construct...
        Tangshan Dingre Solar Energy Science Co.,Ltd.
        Tangshan Dingre Solar Energy Science Co.,Ltd is a
        large-scale enterprise in northern China which integrates scientific
        research, manufacturing industry and multi-channel trade. We specialize in
        the R&D and production of solar thermal and PV products...

        Application: Small hotel, inns, hotel, hospital, school, dwelling houses, workshop, etc.
        Main equipment: All-glass vacuum tube all-in-one machine, engineering control cabinet, circulating water pump, etc.
        Control system: Control cabinet for Sunrain solar centralized hot water project is adopted and has the functions of automatic water filling, circulation by temperature difference, thermostatic control, circulation of pipes at fixed temperature, and automatic heating, as well as the functions of leakage protection, over-temperature protection and dry burning resistant protection.
        Main technical features: Thermal collector is provided with international standard all-glass vacuum tubes for efficient heat collection, which runs all year around, the investment is economic